Ananda Night 2020

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Event: Ananda Night 2020
Date :  12th(Sat.) December 2020
Time :  17:30 ~ 21:30 (Meeting, OAAJ website Re-launch, Take Group Photo, Raffle and Dinner Party)
Venue: Kanagawa Rodo Plaza, Yokohama
Participation Fee: 5,000 yen (students 3,000 yen)
Dress code: Formal

This time we plan to have an end-year meeting and a dinner scaled to members only (ordinary and students) due to the covid19 restrictions and safety precautions.   Regret that family members are not welcome this time. We look forward to having a (新年会) New Year Party early next year for family members. Please understand prevailing situations.Kindly confirm your participation in depositing your participation fee to the association account and inform to the secretary on 09032227178 (email to on or before 7th December 2020, as we order foods from out-side this time.n status

A/C Type: Postal Account  (තැපැල් ගිණුම)️  098 〇九八
Name: Zainichimotho Ananda ko sethokai (ザイニチモトアーナンダコウセイトカイ)
A/C Number: 10950-1664041

We look forward to your kind and earliest response.

Best regards,
Secretary – OAAJ